Texas Tech University

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Graduating Students

Federal law requires that institutions of higher education monitor the academic progress of students who receive federal financial aid. In order to remain eligible for federal, state and some institutional financial aid, students must comply with Texas Tech University standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). All undergraduate, graduate and law students will be evaluated annually for SAP at the end of the Spring Semester.


Minimum GPA: An undergraduate and law student must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00. A graduate or professional student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 or the minimum GPA standard as defined by the degree program.

Minimum Pace: A student must successfully complete at least 67% of the credit hours they attempt.

Maximum Timeframe: A student may attempt no more that 150% of the credit hours required by his or her degree program.

Failure to Meet SAP Requirements

Any undergraduate, graduate and law student who fails to meet SAP requirements during the annual review, is placed on Financial Aid Suspension and is not eligible to receive financial aid without a successful appeal. Should the student not wish to appeal, the student must meet SAP requirements before aid eligibility can be re-established.

A student who wishes to appeal must download the SAP Appeal Form and may download the SAP Instruction Sheet. The completed form must be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Aid, 3rd Floor, West Hall. Financial aid will only be awarded if an appeal is approved. The deadline for students to submit an appeal is two weeks prior to the last class day of the term (Please refer to the current Academic Calendar for the date).

Appeals may be approved outright or may be approved with an academic plan. In either case, should the appeal be approved, students will be allowed to receive financial aid for a probationary semester.At the completion of the probationary semester, the student whose appeal was approved, will be reviewed for SAP. If the student is still not meeting SAP requirements, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension and will be ineligible for financial aid. The student may appeal Financial Aid Suspension.If the student's appeal is denied, the student will be ineligible for financial aid until the student meets the SAP requirements.

Satisfactory Academic Progress FAQ

How do I determine what GPA I need to earn for the semester in order to meet the cumulative GPA requirement?

You may access the GPA Calculator to calculate the semester GPA required to meet the cumulative GPA required for financial aid.

How is Pace calculated?

Pace is measured by dividing the total number of hours successfully completed by the total number of hours attempted as shown below:

Pace = Total # of hours successfully completed ÷ Total # of hours attempted

Hours successfully completed include TTU courses with a grade of A through D- for undergraduates and A through C for graduates, or transfer courses, credit by exam courses and pass/fail courses where credit (CR) was received. Hours not successfully completed include incomplete courses, no credit (NC) courses, withdrawn courses (including Q-drops), courses with no posted grade and pass/fail courses that earned a failing grade. Total number of hours attempted is the aggregate of both the successfully and unsuccessfully completed courses.Repeated coursework will be included in pace. Remedial and ESL coursework are excluded from pace.

How is program length determined?

The length of the program is determined by the department. The student should access the department website in order to obtain this information.

What is an Academic Plan?

An academic plan is a multi-semester plan that may require students to successfully complete a certain number of hours per semester, or earn a specific semester GPA so as to meet SAP requirements by a particular point in time. An academic plan is developed when:

  • a student successfully appeals Financial Aid Suspension and it is determined that SAP requirements cannot be/will not be met at the end of one semester; or
  • a student fails to meet SAP at the end of their probationary period and successfully appeals Financial Aid Suspension.

What if I missed the appeal deadline?

If you missed the appeal deadline you may submit a new appeal of your next term of enrollment.

My appeal was denied, can I appeal again?

If you feel that your circumstances were not accurately represented and merit further review, you may submit an appeal to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Committee (SAPAC). You are required to provide an updated, detailed personal statement and supporting documentation. You do not need to meet with your Academic Advisor unless your academic standing has changed. Your personal statement must be addressed to SAPAC. For more information regarding the appeal process, read the Satisfactory Academic Progress PDF below.

If I have turned in an appeal and written statement why am I getting an email asking for supporting documentation?

Written statement must be considered a hardship. Acceptable hardships are listed on the appeal form. The Department of Education requires documents written statements and documents verifying and detailing your hardship. For example: if you have a death in the family provide an obituary or death certificate.

Why do I keep getting an email when I have turned in my appeal?

Missing information emails are automatically sent out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday reminding students that their appeal is incomplete. The appeals committee sends out a more specific email outlining exactly what is missing and the necessary steps needed to complete your appeal.

If I have a 2.00 GPA, why do I have to file an appeal?

Academic GPA is different than financial aid GPA. Financial Aid looks at every class taken since you started college career

What happens when I drop a class?

If you drop a class prior to the 1st class date, this will not affect your financial aid GPA. However, if you drop a class after the 1st class day financial aid sees this as attempted hours and not passed which effects your PACE.

If I have paid for 6 hours out of pocket why was my appeal denied?

Students must pass all hours attempted 100%. GPA must be 2.00 or better for the term.

Why does it take so long to process an appeal?

There are several factors involved in reviewing appeals. If the appeal is not complete when submitted it delays the process. Appeals must be complete before they are sent to the committee for review. A complete appeal must include the Academic Advisor portion, your portion with written hardship with supporting documentation.

What is time frame and why should I file an appeal?

Attempted credit hours may not exceed 150% of the educational program. You need to file an appeal to explain why you have gone over the 150% allowed for your program. Keep in mind any attempted hours will count towards this calculation whether passed, failed or dropped.