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Animal and Food Sciences


Distinguished Staff Awards 2017 Group Recipient Image: Animal and Food Sciences

Animal and Food Sciences

The team from Animal and Food Sciences consisting of:

  • Tate Corliss, Program Manager
  • Adrian Rodriguez, Unit Coordinator
  • Ben Weatherly, Unit Manager

heads up Raider Red Meats which is a Texas Tech University-branded meats program that services customers and restaurants in the Lubbock area through the sale of high quality meat products to generate revenue for education and student scholarships. The team feels the best part of their jobs are interacting and networking with people and that the only thing keeping the customers coming back is providing good meat with exceptional service. A highlight of their exceptional customer service is when a local church wanted to purchase 500, 8-ounce steaks to feed parishioners at a revival. An emergency text was sent inquiring about the possibility of purchasing an additional 75 steaks for delivery two days later. Team members responded immediately and indicated they would find a way to make it work and they could count on it. Two days later, the team delivered 575 steaks for the event. In addition, this team has brought notoriety to Texas Tech by creating a BBQ cooking competition which is now sanctioned by a BBQ cooking association and heavily attended each year by some of the biggest ‘stars.' In addition, the team provided the meat for the Presidential Inauguration Ball for Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. The event was such a success, Raider Red Meats was also asked to represent Texas Tech for a special event at the state capital.