Texas Tech University

Kelsie Jackson


Distinguished Staff Awards 2017 Recipient Image: Kelsie Jackson - Office of the Vice President for Research

Kelsie Jackson
Office of the Vice President for Research

Kelsie Jackson, an Administrator for the Office of the Vice President for Research has shown to be a valuable asset to the department. While his job mainly focuses on compliance, Kelsie has demonstrated that he can be an ally and a guide to all. Through his strong communication skills and his involvement on several faculty committees, he has been able to cultivate productive working relationships with faculty across campus. Additionally, Kelsie recently created and currently maintains a database that enhances communication between his department and personnel from other compliance divisions. He works behind the scenes to solve problems for faculty so that they can continue their research with as little interruption as possible. Kelsie has shown through his work that compliance can be a help and not a hindrance to research initiatives at Texas Tech.