Texas Tech University

Priyanka Taluchuri


Distinguished Staff Awards 2017 Recipient Image: Priyanka Taluchuri - Technology Support

Priyanka Taluchuri
Programmer Analyst II
Technology Support

As a Programmer Analyst II, Priyanka Taluchuri has been able to update, modernize, and streamline processes that have been in place for decades. Applications that used to be accepted on paper are now digitized and put together in intelligent and user-friendly ways. She is constantly thinking about usability and frequently asks for feedback and suggestions on her tasks. She was able to streamline the slideshow for the Medallion Ceremony, a process which normally takes months of preparation and hours of last minute editing, as well as the process for a scholarship application, usually requiring photocopies of thousands of pages and data entry by hand. Priyanka is never without a friendly and helpful demeanor, and exudes professionalism, sensitivity, and understanding, all while producing incredible results. Her commitment to innovation helps Texas Tech function in timely and cost saving ways.