Texas Tech University

Stacy Poteet


Distinguished Staff Awards 2017 Recipient Image: Stacy Poteet- Honors College

Stacy Poteet
Lead Administrator
Honors College

As a Lead Administrator in the Honors College, Stacy Poteet has become one of our most sought-after advisors because of her kind, nurturing nature and her sincere efforts to help our students achieve academic success. In addition, she ensures that our students show their gratitude to the donors and supporters of our scholarship funds. In this activity she oversees a myriad of letters, including tailored information, editing, proofreading, and compiling correspondence to our donors thanking them for their generosity and creating a personal relationship that demonstrates how their contribution impacts the lives of our students. Stacy also runs the Bayless Elementary Mentoring Program which provides socio-economically challenged children the opportunity to learn to read and work with a college student. In the time that she has guided the project, the program has grown tremendously in its impact. Stacy is someone who is truly making a long-term difference in the lives of others.