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Ashley Wenzel


Distinguished Staff Awards 2019 Recipient Image:Ashley Wenzel Nutritional Sciences

Ashley Wenzel
Nutritional Sciences

Over the past 4 years, Ashley Wenzel has become a critical component to Nutritional Sciences and has stepped up as a leader in many areas. Ashley is respectful, has initiative, and is always willing to help whatever the request may be. One example is her help in launching the Nutrition and Metabolic Health Initiative. The NMHI was not established when Ashley was first hired yet when asked if she would be willing to take on a large part of the work to get it operational, she did not hesitate. She coordinates patient, student, and provider schedules and has spent many hours working in the clinic to ensure a smooth process of care for our patients. We have received numerous comments regarding her customer service and organizational skills. In addition, in May of every year we hold a multi-day regional seminar for registered dietitians and dietary managers to complete their continuing professional education. Professionals from all over the state attend and it is a well-known and reputable program. This year she was asked to give everything a "facelift." She redesigned the program, registration forms, marketing materials and website. The positive response from our over 80 attendees was overwhelming regarding the new components she put in place.