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Charles Long


Distinguished Staff Awards 2019 Recipient Image:Charles Long Free Market Institute

Charles Long
Associate Director
Free Market Institute

What makes Charles Long most deserving is the crucial role he has played in the Free Market Institute taking on the administrative leadership of two major national and international organizations while fulfilling all of his normal duties. The Institute took over full responsibilities as the administrative headquarters of the Southern Economic Association in January 2018. This is the oldest regional economic association in the United States and has 1800 members (almost all Ph.D. economists) from around the country and the world and publishes the highly ranked Southern Economic Journal. The Institute is responsible for all aspects of running the organization. This includes planning the 1800 member annual conference, managing elections, contracting with hotels, and a variety of other vendors, traveling to site visit future conference locations, and financial and tax reporting. Charles has worked tirelessly in all of these tasks. In addition, the Institute also transitioned to becoming the headquarters of the Association of Private Enterprise Education. APEE is a 500 member international association of economists, philosophers, political scientists, and other academics who conduct research on free enterprise. The innovation of bringing both of these organizations to Texas Tech will bring significant prestige and exposure for our institute that is fitting with our Carnegie R1 status. Without Charles dedication to growing our institute, attention to details, and hard work, the on-boarding of these organizations would not have been possible.