Texas Tech University

Hannah Bjerch-Andresen


Distinguished Staff Awards 2019 Recipient Image:Hannah Bjerch-Andresen Human Resources

Hannah Bjerch-Andresen
Senior Analyst
Human Resources

Hannah Bjerch-Andresen not only provides extensive support for our campus leaders, she also continues to serve as a mentor, coach, and advisor for employees. Whether coaching employees through crucial conversations, engaging as a mediator to facilitate and improve communication, or serving as a sounding board to offer advice during workplace conflicts, Hannah continues to offer positive solutions to faculty and staff facing challenging situations. Additionally, Hannah has created many tools to assist our leaders in better managing and tracking their employees' performance. Not only has this helped our campus community, it has also reduced the amount of time Talent Management spends on administrative items. As a result, we are now able to devote additional time towards assisting and developing our campus leaders at a much broader level through mentoring opportunities, coaching, and formulating succession plans for future staffing. Hannah's experience, leadership, and numerous contributions to the University make her an asset to Texas Tech.