Texas Tech University

Irene Cox


Distinguished Staff Awards 2019 Recipient Image: Irene Cox Honors College

Irene Cox
Unit Manager
Honors College

Irene Cox's basic commitment to Texas Tech is demonstrated through her unwavering support and excellence in all she does. Her work ethic is second to none, and she always goes the "extra mile" to ensure that things are done well and in a timely manner. She works with all our staff, faculty and over 1500 undergraduate students. She also works with over 100 faculty outside our college-those who teach courses for us. She manages the entire payroll of the College, most of the travel for faculty staff and students, oversees the entire budget and our endowments and scholarships. Irene also serves as the primary manager of the Clark Scholars Program (Endowed at TTU from the Anson L. Clark Foundation.) This program provides an intensive research experience for exemplary high school students from an international applicant pool. Under Irene's guidance, the Honor's College has moved to a purely electronic system. We had over 2000 applications from across the nation and globe this year from which we selected our twelve Clark Scholars. All the procedural, housing, travel, financial and training required for all the scholars and special training required for the faculty and staff involved in the program are overseen by this Irene which is a large undertaking. As always, she handled everything with excellence.