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Joanna Conrad


Distinguished Staff Awards 2019 Recipient Image: Joanna Conrad University Press

Joanna Conrad
Managing Director
Texas Tech University Press

Joanna Conrad has been a dedicated employee of Texas Tech University for 14 years. She began in an entry-level position for Texas Tech University Press in 2005 and has, through unwavering dedication, loyalty, and commitment, worked her way up to the Managing Director. Over the course of the past two years, the Press has gone through a period of considerable change and instability. At one time, the Press had as many as 12 employees, but during a recent transition, there are now 2 employees. It is no exaggeration to say that Joanna kept the Press afloat--alive and viable--during this period. She has taken on ALL operational duties. This included but was not limited to overseeing all aspects of production for all titles (through acquisition, review, revision, editorial approval, copy editing, design, production, and distribution), paying author royalties, managing the budget, and reconciling the books. She did all this because she loves the Press, she loves Texas Tech, and she wanted the Press to succeed. This was nothing short of a herculean effort.