Texas Tech University

Mary Catherine Hastert


Distinguished Staff Awards 2019 Recipient Image: Mary Catherine Hastert College of Arts and Sciences

Mary Catherine Hastert
Research Scientist
College of Arts and Sciences

Mary Catherine Hastert demonstrates leadership through excellence, knowledge, patience and kindness, and by providing an exemplar of what effective experimental design, execution and productive research is. Faculty recognize that she is a key contributor to their research, and the respect they have reflects in the gratitude and respect shown by facility users to the nominee. In addition, with this rock anchoring the College of Arts & Sciences Microscopy, the service center continues to see year-on-year growth in research groups using the facility, increased numbers of individual users and students being trained in various life-science techniques, and increasing rates of return users, many of whom earn external awards and funding for the facility based on preliminary work and data collected with the aid of the nominee. Also, for graduate students in particular, Mary Catherine demonstrates a perfect blend of knowledge, patience and teaching efficacy that simultaneously aids a student to understand the process, and successfully execute experiments in the future – many projects have been successfully launched, shaped and come to fruition with a useful contribution or insightful comment from Mary Catherine. The reach of her influence on research emphasizes the appropriateness of this award for her excellence in promoting research and education productivity, improved research outcomes and increased productivity, increased success of external funding awards, and ever improving productivity of the CASM service center.