Texas Tech University



Distinguished Staff Awards 2019 Group Recipient Image: Telecommunications


The team from Telecommunications consisting of:

  • Richard Breshers, Project Manager
  • John Crawford, Section Supervisor
  • Edward Hernandez, Enterprise Network Support Technician IV
  • Tony Mann, Enterprise Network Support Technician IV
  • Chris Morlan, Enterprise Network Support Technician II

The Network Design & Installation team of Telecommunications is the eyes and ears of Telecommunications in and around the Texas Tech campus and remote locations. They work with everyone from concert coordinators to academic researchers, classroom instruction technologists to food service managers, construction contractors to campus residents. Something that most people aren't aware of is that this team is often up in the middle of the night or on weekends handling unexpected network interruptions in order for service to be ready and working when faculty and staff arrive the next morning. Generally, their work goes unnoticed because that's the idea behind restoring service. They want their customers to be as unaffected as possible. Just one example of their excellent work is their dedication to making the functions of the final basketball game at Municipal Coliseum a great success. This was to be the final basketball game in the coliseum prior to its demolition in the spring of 2019. For a modern basketball game event, there is an expectation for electronic ticket scanning, payment card processing for concessions and merchandising, and real-time electronic court-side functions (stats, score keeping, etc.). However, the coliseum had no such utilities. To make the best "last game" experience, the Design & Installation team had to design and install a cost-effective way to provide these functions for a single game in a very large facility with no Internet capacity. They did so, and the event was a great event for both Texas Tech and the Lubbock community.