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United Supermarkets Arena


Distinguished Staff Awards 2019 Group Recipient Image: United Supermarkets Arena

United Supermarkets Arena

The team from United Supermarkets Arena consisting of:

  • Ronald Condez, Supervisor
  • Delia Garcia, Administrative Assistant
  • Cindy Harper, Associate Managing Director
  • Meredith Imes, Unit Associate Managing Director
  • Jeremy Lunsford, United Supervisor
  • Eric Newell, Unit Assistant Director
  • Paul Rivas, Supervisor

This team is responsible for hosting a variety of special events on campus including athletics, concerts, family shows, commencements, university admissions recruiting events, and others. They work together to create a welcoming, safe, and secure environment for upwards of 500,000 guests to campus each year. The entire team has an "all hands-on deck" mentality for the events they host. This past year they took on the responsibility of overseeing the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum during its final year of operation. During the fall semester, the Coliseum was booked daily with practices for men's and women's basketball and cheer squads. The Coliseum also hosted two major events during the last year, including the Texas Tech Throwback Men's basketball game in December, and the final ABC rodeo in April which was a week long event. During the throwback basketball game and the rodeo at the Coliseum, the arena was also hosting two major events, the December TTU Health Sciences Center commencement and a concert. Although this team was responsible for hosting multiple large events simultaneously at two different facilities, they worked together as they always do and planned every last detail to ensure both venues were ready for the thousands of guests.

This past year, this team worked over 46 evening events and 25-weekend events. In addition, this team is part of auxiliary services, so they are responsible for bringing in revenue to fund their department. They work extremely hard and foster cooperation with each other to ensure people that use the arena, including event promoters, artists, agents, and the guests that attend these events are extremely happy with the customer service they receive from their experience with the arena. In most cases, members of this team are the first ones to arrive each day and the last ones to leave. They believe that every event is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression and that every successful event produces a positive impact on Texas Tech University and Lubbock. This team is proud to be a part of Texas Tech University. They make a positive difference in people's lives, and they are great representatives of Texas Tech and Lubbock.