Texas Tech University

Candice Laster


Distinguished Staff Awards 2020: Candice Laster Athletics Academics ServicesCandice Laster
Director of Learning Assistance Program
Athletics-Academic Services

Candice is directly involved in the academic growth and development of all the student-athletes at Texas Tech. She is an invaluable resource to staff and coaches, providing training in specific areas of development, as well as training and awareness related to mental health challenges confronting athletes. She is an instrumental member of Texas Tech and places the student's and staff's welfare and growth as a top priority. When we entered this uncertain and unprecedented time of remote learning, her team developed and proposed a virtual tutorial program that included learning specialists and subject specific tutors all within a week. Through her leadership, collaborative efforts and commitment during this unique and challenging time, Texas Tech produced the highest cumulative GPA record in the history of Texas Tech athletics. In addition, she works to ensure that we are addressing and meeting the needs of the student-athletes overall mental health and wellness. She is committed to engaging and promoting diversity within athletics and the university to ensure that our student-athletes feel part of an inclusive, accepting environment. Candice asserts the importance for student-athletes voices to be heard and strives to make positive changes within athletics and the Lubbock community. In collaboration with others, she has also been involved in organizing forums for staff and coaches called Red Raiders United to discuss concerns around social and racial inequity and how Texas Tech Athletics can be an agent for change. Candice boldly stepped up during challenging times and continues to make a difference in the lives of those at Texas Tech.