Texas Tech University

Kristin Miller


Distinguished Staff Awards 2020: Kristin Miller Student Union ActivitiesKristin Miller
Unit Manager
Student Union and Activities

In order to make Texas Tech successful, students (and their families), faculty, and staff need to WANT to be a part of the Red Raider family; they need to FEEL welcome and accepted and like they are a valuable member of the community. Sometimes, an event in the Student Union Building is their first view of Texas Tech, who we are, and what we have to offer. As a result, the events need to be successful and put on with a high degree of professionalism and service. This is not possible without Kristin Miller and the role she plays at Texas Tech University. With over 3,000 events in the building each year, Kristin has to be able to multi-task and form working relationships with all of the clients so that they feel comfortable reaching out and approaching her if they have any questions or need additional assistance. She has done a great job of becoming the face of the building as the one that almost every event or meeting host communicates with. All of the extra time and work that she consistently puts into her job has added a personal touch to the Event Services and Reservations area of our department. The way that Kristin consistently exceeds her daily job duties has made the Student Union a place where people want to host their events because of their positive past experiences. Kristin's devotion to Texas Tech is clear through her excellent work.