Texas Tech University

Laurel Beneze


Distinguished Staff Awards 2020 Recipient Image: Laurel Beneze Human Resources

Laurel Beneze
Senior Analyst
Human Resources

Laurel's assistance with transitioning the leave application and approval process to an online system resulted in increased efficiency, reduced hard copy paperwork, time saved, and more streamlined administration for both those on campus needing leave and our team. In addition, her efforts toward our team's resources, including creating sample templates, updating documents, and enhancing the organization of our shared performance management tools, have made an impactful contribution. These items not only help us support leaders with clear and consistent guidance for managing employee performance, but also allow our team to assist more customers in a shorter amount of time and with reduced workload redundancy. Overall, her work has enabled our area to have more time available to focus on broader picture items and leader development, and has helped campus supervisors more effectively lead their teams and constructively work toward solutions. Laurel's initiative, dependability, clear communication, and thorough nature make her a huge asset to Texas Tech.