Texas Tech University

Linda Mint


Distinguished Staff Awards 2020 Recipient Image: Linda Mint College Of Engineering

Linda Mint
Office Assistant
College of Engineering

Linda is a lifelong learner and is committed to sharing her knowledge and innovative ideas with the department and with Texas Tech as a whole. As an example, Linda started shortly before international student orientation in June 2019. She took it upon herself to attend the Office of International Affairs international student orientation to learn more about what the student experience is like and how we could best help our international students in our college. After attending the international student orientation, she noticed that undergraduate international students have a lot of student support services provided to them by the Office of International Affairs that weren't offered to international graduate students. Again, taking it upon herself, she decided to create a guide to Texas Tech for international graduate students in our college. Her innovative ideas haven't stopped there. She is committed to helping the College improve their processes for events, which has led to better organization, use of time, and funds. She is always thinking of how we can be better, how we can do better. She inspires you to hold yourself to an extremely high standard, because you can clearly see she holds herself to that too. Linda's commitment to Texas Tech and the welfare of its students is evident through her innovation and excellence.