Texas Tech University

Matt Roe


Distinguished Staff Awards 2020: Matt Roe - Environmental Health and SafetyMatt Roe
Assistant Vice President
Environmental Health and Safety

Matt has a heart for safety and a true interest to develop a positive safety culture in the Texas Tech community. While his "pre-COVID-19" duties were extensive, in addition to his primary duty as the leader of a critical service department, he assumed various collateral duties directly related to biosafety and biosecurity at Texas Tech, while also working toward completion of his Ph.D. degree. While planning, preparing and coordinating Texas Tech's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Matt selflessly volunteered to receive the training and acquire the necessary technical certification to join the Texas Tech COVID-19 testing team. Matt is an in-lab microbiologist and became an essential member of the Texas Tech COVID-19 testing team. In addition, Matt has been in his current department for many years and has worked diligently to improve safety programs in every position held. Safety regulations evolve and so must the people who administer them. Matt's commitment to bettering the safety services provided to the university is easily visible in recent new hires and promotions as it demonstrates his desire to reward talent where it is merited and hire individuals with a passion for safety. As a manager, Matt encourages personnel to be innovative and gives freedom to make improvements when deemed necessary. Such change originates from Matt's commitment to serve the University and its growing size and expanding mission.