Texas Tech University

Robert Baca


Distinguished Staff Awards 2020 Recipient Image: Robert Baca Physics & Astronomy

Robert Baca
Lead Technician
Physics and Astronomy

During his time in the department of Physics and Astronomy, Robert has implemented countless innovative ideas. There have been many instances where our team has needed a custom part, but discovered that the part was very expensive. Robert instantly thinks of ways to modify a 3D printer to work with that specific material and create the part within hours at minimal cost. He was able to modify a printer to operate under alternate conditions in order to print using a stronger material. The 3D printed parts had more structural integrity and allowed us to stay on-track to complete our experiments. When the COVID-19 events surfaced, he developed a new 3D printed face mask to help mitigate the shortage of personal protective gear. The new design could be printed quickly out of food-safe materials, sanitized, and reused. He has consistently been resourceful. It is clear through these contributions that Robert is committed to helping Texas Tech stay on the cutting edge of innovation.