Texas Tech University

Shannon Sears


Distinguished Staff Awards 2020: Shannon Sears Center for Biotechnology & GenomicsShannon Sears
Business Manager
Center for Biotechnology and Genomics

Shannon proved herself up to the challenge of her new position and quickly adapted to the extremely complex role, diving in headfirst with confidence and enthusiasm. Not only did she immediately catch up on several months' worth of backlogged work, she had the department running smoothly again in a matter of weeks. She connected immediately with her colleagues, boosting morale with her positive attitude and competence. An eager learner, in a short time she had a complete grasp of the department's finances, hiring processes, and the unique requirements of running an academic department and a research service center. Once she had settled in, she also began to seek out the unmet needs of the department, coordinating with staff, faculty, and graduate students regularly. During her first six months, she made tangible improvements to student outreach and recruitment, vastly expanded the publicity for the Center's academic and research services, and implemented new procedures to better utilize the Center's funds. She streamlined billing processes, improved communications, and broadened impact, all while minimizing wasted funds and inefficient methods across the board. Shannon had an immediate and significant impact at the Center. In less than a year and a half, Shannon's contributions have raised the bar not only for her own position, but for the reputation of our degree programs and the perceived excellence of our services to TTU, the Lubbock community, and beyond.