Texas Tech University

Amit Thakur


Distinguished Staff Awards 2021: Amit Thakur Department of Chemical EngineeringAmit Thakur
Postdoctoral Associate
Department of Chemical Engineering

Amit Thakur has single-handedly pioneered some of the most impactful research ongoing in our laboratory, focused on the development of new polymer adsorbent materials and methods for key separations relevant to the environment and industry. His knowledge and skills are also being recognized in numerous ways outside of our laboratory.  As a result of his expert analysis of polymer thermodynamics and chemical properties, his innovative work has been recognized by the Office of Commercialization, and a US patent will be filed soon to protect the intellectual property of this critical science he has developed. Amit demonstrated outstanding diligence, creativity, and excellence in completing this multidisciplinary work. His superb scientific leadership and writing skills have also been critical for submitting proposals to garner funding for our laboratory, and he has led or contributed substantially to the preparation of several funding proposals.  He has also been mentoring a graduate student in our laboratory for more than a year, including full-time during this past summer. In all, the nominee is a highly intelligent, tremendously capable, and a creative TTU staff member, with the talent, leadership abilities, and determination to succeed at the very highest level in his scientific career.  Admirably, Amit is also one of the most personable and humble people I have ever met, which makes him a true pleasure to work with.