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Gaurav Joshi


Distinguished Staff Awards 2021: Guarav Joshi Chemical EngineeringGaurav Joshi 
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Chemical Engineering

Gaurav Joshi has a whole slew of contributions he has made to Texas Tech, but one that stands above all and has impacted Texas Tech, the Lubbock community, the West Texas community, and the State of Texas is his recent work related to fight against the coronavirus pandemic. During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, as you may all recall, there was a shortage of reagents for testing patient samples, especially something called the viral transport media (VTM). VTM is required to transport human nasal swab samples to testing facilities. This is a special liquid that preserves the virus and allows the testing facility to accurately perform the test. During this time of VTM shortage, Gaurav came every day to the lab and prepared hundreds of VTM tubes, which were distributed all over Texas. I would like to note that Gaurav single handedly organized, managed and executed the entire operation of making the VTM. I have witnessed his tireless work over the last few years, specifically in his aid to others. He is always willing to sacrifice his time to assist with other lab members' learning and experiments.