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Research Projects

Child Development and Relationships Laboratory

1. Transitions to Kindergarten

Approximately 4 million young children undergo the transitions to Kindergarten each year (US Census, 2011). The Transitions to Kindergarten and Adjustment project addresses the current research gap by longitudinally examining the unique and joint contributions of child's and parent's biosocial (e.g., temperament, personality, parenting, physiological regulation) and relationship (family and peer) factors to children's social behavior and school adjustment across the transitions.

2. Fragile Families and Child Well-Being Studies; SEARCH Grant: Complex Interactions to Predict Internalizing and Externalizing Trajectories

This project encompasses several studies examining the joint and unique contributions of multi-faceted, multi-level predictors (child, mother, father individual; mother-child, father-child, peer relationship processes) to a) internalizing and externalizing problem trajectories, and b) self-regulations in a nationally representative sample, using the Fragile Families and Child-Wellbeing Studies dataset. The Big data approach allows us to identify more relevant, important predictors of the trajectories to develop targeted prevention and intervention programs.

3. The Head Start Impact Study (HSIS) and the Third Grade Follow-up to the HSIS Project

HSIS is a large, longitudinal, nationally representative study of the Head Start Population, aimed at determining how Head Start affects their school readiness. This project examines the impacts of the Head Start, contextual factors, and the new third grade follow-up data from a Big Data approach. The new variables of the follow-up of children through third grade across the elementary school transition are of particular interest in this project to elucidate the contributions of parenting, family, race, culture, and child socio-bio characteristics on the differential effects of the Head Start Impact across the school transitions.

4. Serious Game for Childhood Obesity Preventive Intervention

Child Development and Relationships Lab