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Energy Management Savings

Energy Management Savings

Cumulative dollar savings since the creation of the Office of Energy Management.

For FY18, the campus consumed 138.59 kbtu/ft2, an increase of 4.7% from the previous year. The goal was to reduce energy use to 129.21 kbtu/ft2. Texas Tech fell short of the goal by 9.38 kbtu/ft2 for the following reasons:

  • Strategy of decommissioning chilled water mixing valves was experimental; cusum analysis indicates that the strategy degraded campus efficiency, increased chilled water usage, and reduced chilled water delta T, while not adversely affecting the CHACP itself. Chilled water production for FY18 is up 14% (834,256,186 gallons) compared to FY17. The increase in chilled water impacted the EUI by 6.07 kbtu/ft2.
  • Natural Gas consumption for FY18 is up 14% compared to FY17.
  • Campus square footage increased by 324,771 ft2. 72% of the increase (233,988 ft2) is represented by two new Auxiliary buildings, Honor's Residence Hall & Sports Performance Center, which are running 24/7.
  • Degree days are up 16%. Heating degree days comprise 60% of the increase. The total increase in degree days impacted the EUI by 5.19 kbtu/ft2.
  • Freeze Protection Protocol: the cost of freeze protection evolutions in FY18 increased by $78,108. Freeze Protection impacted the EUI by 0.70 kbtu/ft2.

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