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About 742-4OPS

The Operations Division has set out to be the "Provider of Choice" for all services on campus.

Customer service and resource stewardship are the two main focuses of the Operations Division. To promote customer service, the Operations Division must be reliable and responsive.

With this in mind, a review of all procedures has been undertaken. One area that surfaced during our review was the complexity in reaching various areas and departments within the Division. To reduce this confusion and complexity, 742-4OPS was created.

The only number you need to know is 742-4OPS. Whether turning in a work order, reporting a hazard, requesting a HVAC variance, or renting a vehicle, 742-4OPS will get you there. From now on, if you need anything from the Operations Division, all you need to call is 742-4OPS, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We appreciate and look forward to serving you while we advance Texas Tech University to the next level.

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