Texas Tech University

Multicultural Requirement Learning Outcomes

TTU Uniform Undergraduate Graduation Requirement

In addition to the Core Curriculum, Texas Tech University requires that all undergraduate students complete three credit hours in the Multicultural area and two credit hours of Lab Science. The Lab Science graduation requirement correlates directly with the Life and Physical Sciences Foundational Component Area and does not have unique College-Level Competency or Student Learning Outcome statements.

These are the university's College-Level Competency statement (italicized) and Student Learning Outcomes (bulleted) for the Multicultural requirement:

Students graduating from Texas Tech University should be able to demonstrate awareness and knowledge of distinctive cultures or subcultures, including but not limited to ethnicity, race, gender, class, political systems, religions, sexual orientation, languages, or human geography.

  • Students will demonstrate intercultural awareness, knowledge and skills in written, verbal, and behavioral activities (e.g., service-learning, co-curricular and similar experiences).
  • Students will exhibit the ability to engage constructively with individuals and groups, across diverse social contexts.
  • Students will appraise privilege relationships at different levels (interpersonal, local, regional, national, and international) and explain how these relationships affect the socioeconomic and cultural status of individuals and groups.