Texas Tech University

The Magic of Music – 40,000 years of dance, song and history in one hour

rainbow colored soundwaves

Oct. 2 and 4 • 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. • Rawls College of Business Administration, Room 101 • Taught by Chris Smith, professor of music

For over 40,000 years—ever since the earliest cave paintings under Cantabria and Lascaux—humans have used music, dance, and song to heal, tell stories, remember their histories, and talk to both the natural and the sacred worlds.

In this class, Dr. Christopher Smith, director of the Vernacular Music Center and the TTU Celtic Ensemble, award-winning author, and a popular TEDx speaker, will explore music and dance as worldwide tools for the recovery of community, the healing of wounds, and the transformation of consciousness. Audio, video, poetry, images, movement, and sound: participation will be invited and encouraged!

Watch live Oct. 2 

Watch live Oct. 4