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Keynote Speaker: Amanda M. May, Ph.D.

Keynote Speaker Amanda M MayAmanda M. May is the writing center director and an assistant professor of English at New Mexico Highlands University, where she teaches first-year, undergraduate, and graduate courses in writing. Before beginning her position in 2020, she completed her doctoral studies in English at Florida State University. In her twelve years of writing center experience, she has served in numerous tutoring and administrative capacities as an undergraduate student, graduate assistant, and sole writing center employee. Additionally, she taught conversational English abroad in Japan. She recently published an article in The Writing Center Journal on writing center social media usage and is currently working to recover NMHU's writing center history

Her SCWCA 2023 keynote presentation, “Archival Digs and Oral Histories: Re/Uncovering the Writing Center's Historical Context” will invite attendees to think about writing center histories by presenting research-in-progress using data from three sources: the institutional archives, the department, and IRB-approved interviews. While robust fieldwide histories of writing centers exist through the work of scholars such as Peter Carino, Neal Lerner, and Susan Walker, recovering individual writing center histories can help administrators and tutors understand shifts in writing center identity. Dr. May will encourage attendees to consider their current knowledge of their own centers' histories, as well as ways to uncover, recover, and maintain them.


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