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Writing Fellows

writing fellow inaugural class

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving undergraduates' writing as well as their research skills, TTU has established a Writing Fellows program. The program is designed to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to receive guided feedback on their writing assignments from peers who have been trained in Writing Center and Composition pedagogy. The inaugural class of Writing Fellows was trained in Fall 2014, and they are currently working with students from the Department of Animal & Food Sciences.

Working in small groups or one-on-one with their Fellow, students receive feedback on matters including meeting the assignment criteria, offering a clear and focused thesis statement, addressing the needs of the intended audience, etc. In so doing, students and Fellows have the opportunity to create an environment of shared intellectual growth in which all involved will learn more about writing in their specific disciplines.

Writing Fellows programs have been a part of many AAU and AAU-like universities for over three decades, and TTU's program proudly joins those institutions in their commitment to undergraduate writing. As TTU continues its climb toward tier one research status, expect to see more writing fellows across the university!

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