Texas Tech University

Dr. Ai Kitazumi, Ph.D.

Plant and Soil Science

Email: ai.kitazumi@ttu.edu

I have been working for Dr. de los Reyes since undergraduate (genotyping overexpression lines, making transformation constructs), master's (cis element analysis in orthologous transcription factors, miRNA profiling and target prediction in landraces of potatoes, comparative genomics of wild species of Oryza), Ph.D (high throughput sequencing on salinity tolerant individuals in transgressive rice population), moving from wet lab experiments to bioinformatics.

In our projects on stress response in rice and cotton, my function is a rice genome/transcript assembler with a goal to understand a mechanism of how genome shock upon hybridization of genetically distant parents and through successive rounds of meiosis, through integrating DNA-seq, RNA-seq, BS-seq, and action of ncRNA and transposons.

Current analysis have revealed variation beyond SNP level and I am working on further analysis that might change how we look at hybrids and breeding lines.
Ai Kitazumi

Key Skills

Expression analysis and network prediction from mRNA-seq and sRNA-seq, de novo assembly and structural variation detection from DNA-seq, methylome/RdDM analysis, transposable element and long ncRNA profiling


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