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PSS Student Research Symposium

2022 PSS Student Research Symposium

This annual symposium provides an invaluable opportunity for students at all stages of their programs to present their research and receive feedback from peers, faculty, staff, and external experts. It is particularly beneficial to graduate and undergraduate PSS students or collaborators who are conducting research and are planning to present their work at major conferences.

Have questions about presentations, posters, or the submission process? Check out the presenter guidelines for requirements, parameters, and advice.


Symposium Details

Symposium Date:  April 23, 2024

Location:  TTU Dairy Barn

Contact:  Dr. Lindsey Slaughter


2024 Symposium Winners

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Oral Presentations | Graduate Students
1st Place Harshita Sharma First evidence of the presence of endofungal bacteria in orchid mycorrhizal fungi MS Plant Ecology & Soil Science
2nd Place Leo D'Agostino Symphony of Symbiosis: A Single-Cell Transcriptomic Exploration of Soybean-Microbe Interactions Ph.D. Plant Molecular Genetics
3rd Place Mayank Bangari Develop a deep learning tool to assess sink capacity in grain sorghum Ph.D. Crop Science
Poster Presentations | Graduate Students
1st Place Avinash Shrestha Effect of segregation distortion on genetic map construction Ph.D. Plant Genetics, Breeding, and Biotechnology
2nd Place Arjun Kafle Assessing the effects of hardwood biochar application on soil physical, chemical, and biological parameters in west Texas Ph.D. Horticulture & Soil Science
3rd Place Amir Shahin Shamsabadi Effect of liquid and supercritical fluid CO2 on the dissolution of cotton liners Ph.D. Fiber & Biopolymer Science
Poster Presentations | Undergraduate Students
1st Place Ezra Alcarez & Jacob Jones

Western Texas College - Snyder, TX
Effects on Nutrient Availability in Soils Impacted by Swine Wastewater under the Use of Hydrotalcite as a Soil Amendment in Different Environmental Conditions BS Agronomy