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PSS Graduate Student Directory



Name Major Title/Topic of Research E-Mail Address
Adedeji, Oluwatola Ibukun PSS   oladedej@ttu.edu
Allen, Kevin PSS   kevallen@ttu.edu
Arora, Raavi PSS   raaarora@ttu.edu
Babcock, Riley PSS    rbabcock@ttu.edu
Bajwa, Preetaman PSS   pbajwa@ttu.edu
Bello, Oluwatobi Rilwan PSS Genetic Networks Orchestrated by the Cytokinin Signaling-Associated Regulatory Protein Decussate. Oluwatobi.Bello@ttu.edu
Bergan, Holly Kristine HSCI   hbergan@ttu.edu
Bhattarai, Bishwoyog PSS   Bishwoyog.Bhattarai@ttu.edu
Brito Bello Sr., Alethia Alejandra PSS   abritobe@ttu.edu
Brooks, Trenton PSS   Trenton.Brooks@ttu.edu
Brown, Ashleigh PSS   Ashleigh.Brown@ttu.edu
Browne, Danielle HOLM   Danielle.Browne@ttu.edu
Bumguardner, Amee PSS   Amee.Bumguardner@ttu.edu
Butcher, Christina HSCI   chbutche@ttu.edu
Cantu, Juan PSS   juan.cantu@ttu.edu
Chagoya, Jennifer PSS Soil Quantification of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum Race 4 and Infection Response in Cotton Cultivars Jennifer.Chagoya@ttu.edu
Chahal, Sharandeep Singh PSS   Sharandeep.Chahal@ttu.edu
Cochran Cohlman, Kelly HSCI   Cohlman.Cochran Cohlman@ttu.edu
Cognasi, Savannah PSS   Savannah.Cognasi@ttu.edu
Commey, Leslie PSS   leslie.commey@ttu.edu
Cox, Mackenzie HSCI   mackecox@ttu.edu
Crysler, Shelby HSCI   Shelby.Crysler@ttu.edu
Cushman, Kevin PSS   kevin.cushman@ttu.edu
d'Agostino, Leonidas PSS   Leonidas.d'Agostino@ttu.edu
Delhom, Chris PSS   chris.delhom@ttu.edu
Dotray, Jessica PSS Cotton Variety Screening Against Fusarium Wilt and the Root-Knot Nematode. jessica.dotray@ttu.edu
Dunn, Molly HSCI   moldunn@ttu.edu
Escamilla, Eduardo  PSS Spatial Variability of Soil Physical Properties in Golf Course Fairways. eduardo.escamilla@ttu.edu
Espinal, Sergio PSS   Sergio.Espinal@ttu.edu
Faigenblat, Jennifer HSCI   Jennifer.Faigenblat@ttu.edu
Farzana, Kaniz PSS   kaniz.farzana@ttu.edu
Fernandez, Melania PSS Spatial Distribution and Species Co-Existence of Epiphytic Orchids in a Tropical Forest. melania.fernandez@ttu.edu
Frausto, Moises PSS   mofraust@ttu.edu
Gaus-Bowling, Teresa PSS   teresa.gaus-bowling@ttu.edu
Gerald, Grant HSCI   grant.gerald@ttu.edu
Ghimire, Bishnu Prasad  PSS Precision Agriculture & Crop Ecophysiology bisghimi@ttu.edu
Gibson, Philip PSS   philgibs@ttu.edu
Gonzales Jr., Michael HSCI   gon05643@ttu.edu
Gu, Haibin PSS  Evaluation of Cotton Water and Fertilizer Stress Based on High-Resolution Multisprectral and Thermal Images of UAV.  haibin.gu@ttu.edu
Hale, Gabriella PSS   gabriella.alisa.hale@ttu.edu
Harris, Dominique HSCI   Dominique.Harris@ttu.edu
Hasan, Md. Rashedul PSS   Md.Hasan@ttu.edu
Heinrich, Reagan PSS   Reagan.Heinrich@ttu.edu
Hennessy, Michael PSS   mihennes@ttu.edu
Hoque, Ejajul PSS Application of Selenium-based Compound to Cotton  ehoque@ttu.edu
Hyde, Maxwell HSCI   maxhyde@ttu.edu
Jordan, Cynthia PSS Novel Soil Core Data Visualization of Diagnostic Soil Feature Pedogenesis. cynthia.m.jordan@ttu.edu
Kafle, Arjun PSS   arkafle@ttu.edu
Karn, Rupak PSS   rupkarn@ttu.edu
Kathi, Shivani Reddy PSS   skathi@ttu.edu
Kaur, Lakhvir PSS Seed Lipid Composition as a Breeding Target To Improve Cold Germination Ability in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum). lakhvir.kaur@ttu.edu
Kean-Galeno, Tania PSS   tkeangal@ttu.edu
Keya, Sanjida Sultana PSS   Sanjida.Keya@ttu.edu
Keyser, Dakota PSS   Dakota.Keyser@ttu.edu
 Khan, Adil PSS   adilkhan@ttu.edu
Kropf, Sorrell PSS   skropf@ttu.edu
Lafferty, Haynes HSCI    Haynes.Lafferty@ttu.edu
Lang, Emily SMGT   Emily.Lang@ttu.edu
Lauterbach, Kyle PSS   klauterb@ttu.edu
Lin, Zhe PSS Manage Irrigation Scheduling with UAS and DSSAT Model on Cotton in Texas High Plains zhe.lin@ttu.edu
Liu, Zhiyuan PSS   Zhiyuan.Liu@ttu.edu
Long, Macy PSS   Macy.Long@ttu.edu
Lovell, Mylea PSS   Mylea.Lovell@ttu.edu
Mandal, Swarupa Nanda PSS Genomic and Epigenomic Interactions Governing Novel Adaptive Phenotypes in Chromosome Segment Substitution Lines of Oryza sativa x Oryza rufipogon and Orysz stavia x Oryza meridionalis. Swarupa.Mandal@ttu.edu
Marciano, Chagal Lopez HSCI   Chagal.Marciano@ttu.edu
Martin, Vikki  PSS Cotton Fiber Quality Research vikki.martin@ttu.edu 
Martinez, Payton PSS   paytmart@ttu.edu
Marzana, Maliha PSS FTIR Microspectroscopy as a Tool to Investigate the Origin of Seed Coat Gragment Generation. Maliha.Marzana@ttu.edu
Mills, Megan PSS   Megan.Mills@ttu.edu
Mixson, Jon R. PSS Weed Management and Crop Response in Glufosinate, Glyphosate Dicamba and HPPD-Resistant Cotton jmixson@ttu.edu
Murphy, Jessica HSCI   jesmurph@ttu.edu
Najera Gonzalez, Hector R. PSS   Hector.Najera Gonzalez@ttu.edu
Newberry, Kamron HSCI   Kamron.Newberry@ttu.edu
Newman, Rebecca HSCI   Rebecca.Newman@ttu.edu
Norman, Joseph (Steve) PSS   Joseph.Norman@ttu.edu
Nwoko, Chidinma Lois PSS   Chidinma.Nwoko@ttu.edu
Ojha Kshetery, Arjun PSS   arjun.ojha@ttu.edu
Ortiz, Rebekah PSS Dryland Cotton Yield Response to Alternative Crop Rotations in Semi-arid Texas. rebekah.ortiz@ttu.edu
Papalii, Logomalu Chellanda Talaia HSCI   Logomalu Chellanda.Papalii@ttu.edu
Parker, Abigail HSCI   Abigail.Parker@ttu.edu
Patel, Ricky SMST   Ricky.Patel@ttu.edu
Patton, Blaine PSS   Blaine.Patton@ttu.edu
Pedersen, Brian HSCI   Brian.Pedersen@ttu.edu
Perez-Sanchez, Benjamin PSS    bperezsa@ttu.edu
Petermann, Billi Jean PSS   Billi-Jean.Petermann@ttu.edu
Plowman, Russell  PSS  Impact of HD Lighting and Salinity on Yield, Taste and Greenhouse Production Economics of Grafted Heirloom Tomatoes. russell.d.plowman@ttu.edu 
Qualia, Maureen PSS   Maureen.Qualia@ttu.edu
Rahman, MD Mezanur PSS   MD.Rahman@ttu.edu
Ramirez, Daniel HSCI   Daniel.Ramirez@ttu.edu
Regmi, Abishkar PSS   Abishkar.Regmi@ttu.edu
Rodriguez, Alexander PSS   rod97073@ttu.edu
Rueda Kunz, Dario Diogenes PSS   Dario.Rueda Kunz@ttu.edu
Ruland, Kenneth (Trey) PSS Sustainable Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) Production Under Adverse Environmental Conditions. trey.ruland@ttu.edu
Rumi, Shaida Sultana PSS Cellulose-Based Films from Low-Quality Cotton Fibers. (FBTS) shaida-sultana.rumi@ttu.edu
Russell, Kyle PSS Weed Management Systems in Auxin Tolerant Cotton and Non-Auxin Tolerant Cotton Response to Simulated Dicamba Drift. kyle.r.russell@ttu.edu
Salcido-Herrara, Amanda PSS   amsalcid@ttu.edu
Salyer, Makenzie HSCI   Makenzie.Salyer@ttu.edu
Sanchez, Jacobo  PSS  Genetics of Seeling Emergence and Cold Tolerance in Sorghum. jacobo.sanchez@ttu.edu 
Sapkota, Pradip PSS Evaluation of Breeding Populations of Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) for Profitable Cultivation in Southwestern United States. Pradip.Sapkota@ttu.edu
Sehrish, Aqeela PSS Conservation of a Specialized Bee-Plant System Involving Nama hispidum Gray (Hydrophyllaceae) in the Southwestern U.S. Aqeela.Sehrish@ttu.edu
Selph, Lauren PSS   Lauren.Selph@ttu.edu
Shaik, Azeezahmed PSS Organic Production of High Value Vegetables Under Greenhouse and High Tunnel Conditions. azeez.Shaik@ttu.edu
Shrestha, Avinash PSS   avishres@ttu.edu
Shumate, Brooke PSS   Brooke.Shumate@ttu.edu
Singh, Atinderpal PSS Understanding Root Zone Soil Water Dynamics to Improve Root Water Uptake in Semi-Arid-Cotton Systems.  as.atinderpal-singh@ttu.edu
Singh, Manpreet PSS Impact of Biochar on Growth, Physiology, Root Distribution and Yield of Cucumber and Sweet Corn Under Deficit Irrigation. m.Singh@ttu.edu
Smith, Maxwell PSS   Maxwell.Smith@ttu.edu
Soto-Ramos, Casiaani PSS   Casi.Soto-Ramos@ttu.edu
Stamm, Emily HSCI Mathematically Modeling Uptake of Carbamazepine in Hydrponically Grown Butterhead Lettuce. Emily.Stamm@ttu.edu
Steward, Wendy PSS   wendy.steward@ttu.edu
Sung, Cheng-Jung PSS Genomic and Economic Study for Improvement of Peanut Water Deficit Stress Tolerance. cheng-jung.sung@ttu.edu
Teasdale, Karina SMGT   kteasdal@ttu.edu
Tesema, Addisu Ferede PSS Improving Cotton Fiber Properties Characterization and HVI Measurement for Better Prediction of Yarn Quality. addisu-ferede.tesema@ttu.edu
Thomas, Alicia PSS The effects of plant-related activities and landscape design as a therapeutic modality for military veterans living in the… Alicia.Thomas@ttu.edu
Timlin, Steven PSS Nutritional Response in Pollen of Helianthus annuus L. to Varying Levels of Sulfur and Nitrogen in Soil steven.timlin@ttu.edu
Tosoni, Matteo PSS   Matteo.Tosoni@ttu.edu
Toth, Jason HSCI   jatoth@ttu.edu
Trevino, Jonah HSCI   jonah.trevino@ttu.edu
Triplett, Ethan PSS   ettriple@ttu.edu
Turner, Nathaniel  PSS   Nathaniel.Turner@ttu.edu
Uddin, Md. Nur PSS   Md.Uddin@ttu.edu
Valencia, Hector PSS   Hector.Valencia@ttu.edu
van Beek, Coenraad PSS   coenraad.r.van-beek@ttu.edu
Vavra, Cody PSS Characterization of Agronomic, Biochemical, and Physical Traits of Hi-A Corn Hybrids of the Texas High Plains. cody.vavra@ttu.edu
Venkataramani, Sujatha HSCI Effect of Organic Fertilizers on Growth and Yield of Leafy Greens. Sujatha.Venkataramani@ttu.edu
Victorson, Chase HSCI   Chase.Victorson@ttu.edu
Wesley, Garrett PSS   gawesley@ttu.edu 
Wieber, Emily PSS   Emily.Wieber@ttu.edu
Wong, Shan PSS Evaluating the Role of Mycorrhizae in Reproductive Ecology of Orchids. shan.wong@ttu.edu
Zimmerman, Amanda Jo  PSS Arsenic in Titanium Dioxide Waste Produced Via Drinking Water Filtration:  Speciation, Mobility, and Biodiversity. amandajo.zimmerman@ttu.edu
If you are a PSS Graduate Student and not on the list or need to change/update your info, please e-mail your update to: psstechsupport@ttu.edu.

Last Update - Spring 2022