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Departmental Procedures

New Employees

For directions on the required forms to complete for employment, contact our Business Manager, Ericca Soto.

TTU HR Employee Forms Page

Trainings & Work Safety

Everyone is required to complete Lab Safety, Safety Awareness and COVID19 Training prior to starting work.

Sign up for training:

Visit the TTU EHS Safety Training webpage and click on "Request Training" on the right hand side. Select the trainings required by your supervisor. You will receive email instruction on how to complete the training you request.

TTU EHS Safety Training Webpage

Once you have completed a training, download the PDF certificate and and email the electronic copy to our Business Manager, Ericca Soto.


Procurement Card Purchases:

  • Some items are not allowed on p-cards.
  • Other items must be only purchased through mandatory contracts.

TTU/TTUS Procurement Card, Prohibited Transactions, Mandatory Contracts and Policy Violations

Procurement Card Receipts:

Procurement Card Receipts must be submitted along with a completed PSS P-card Form for each receipt on a weekly basis to Donna Cantu or her mailbox.

Techbuy Purchases:

When you receive any packages that you have ordered through Tech Buy:

  • On the packing slip, please circle the items that you have received and make any notes on the items that were not received.
  • Return the completed packing slip to Donna Cantu in the PSS main office (BPS122E) or her mailbox.


Travel request forms must be submitted to Donna Cantu:

  • Two weeks prior for domestic travel.
  • 30 days prior for international travel.

Travel FAQs

Building and Key Access

For questions regarding building keys and eRaider ID card access, contact our Business Coordinator, Donna Cantu.

Department Driver Requests

For questions regarding driver requests, contact our Business Coordinator, Donna Cantu.

BMC Workorders

For routine repairs or building maintenance needs, contact our Business Manager, Ericca Soto.

For emergencies such as water leaks, safety hazards, etc., call BMC directly: (806) 742-4677.

Student Programs & Enrollment Services

For questions regarding PSS academic needs, contact our Lead Academic Advisor, Diann Merriman.