Texas Tech University

Advising Tips

Intent to Graduate

  • Students can file an intent to graduate after they have earned 80 hours
  • Paper intents are no longer necessary as students can file online via Raiderlink

Senior Audit

  • Can be filed one year before expected graduation and/or completion of 90 hours
  • Please confirm the correct catalog year on the senior audit request
  • When advising, please check with the catalog make sure the student is satisfying university requirements
    • Writing Intensive – 6 hours
    • Social and Behavioral Sciences – 3 hours
    • Multicultural requirement
    • Technology requirement
    • Science Laboratory requirement – 2 hours
    • Foreign Language requirement
    • 40 credit hours at the JR/SR or 3/4000 level (this cannot include 1/2000 community college hours that are substituting for 3/4000 level TTU courses)
  • Submit substitution form with senior audit request and every semester after
  • Submit a copy of the advising check sheet with senior audit

Senior Audit Hold

  • Students who have completed 100+ hours and have not filed a senior audit will have a hold on their account
  • These students will not be able to register for the next term until a senior audit request has been received 

Concurrent Enrollment

  • Students who will be taking classes at TTU and another institution at the same time will need approval from Savannah
  • Students who wish to transfer in credits during their last 30 hours before graduation will need approval from Savannah
  • Students must have a valid reason to transfer in credits in their last semester


  • Running degree audit that you and the student have access to via Raiderlink
  • If a concentration is not showing or showing incorrectly, please contact Savannah to update with correct concentration
  • In order for substitutions to show, please send a substitution form to Savannah

Red Raider Orientation

  • Math Placement Exam
    • NOT required for any CASNR majors
  • Chemistry Placement Exam:
    • Required for students need CHEM 1307
    • Score 21-35 correct (60-100%): may enroll in CHEM 1307
    • Score 15-20 correct: enroll in CHEM 1301, CHEM 1101-00x, complete ALEKS assessment, or take CLEP test for next term enrollment
    • Score 0-14 correct: enroll in CHEM 1301, complete ALEKS assessment, or take CLEP test for next term enrollment
    • More CPE information at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/chemistry/departmental/cpex.php
  • Credit by Exam
  • TSI Information:
    • TSI stands for the Texas Success Initiative. The state of Texas requires a demonstrated level of competency in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics for all students enrolled at public institutions of higher education. To demonstrate a level of knowledge in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, a student must either meet a TSI Exemption requirement or pass the TSI
    • More information about TSI at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/tsi/


  • X – entered by the Registrar's Office after the term is complete to flag grades that were not turned in
  • I – incomplete coursework and requires an incomplete form
  • CR – used as a place holder for internship, study abroad, etc. courses that are not completed by the time final grades are due
  • Please view the Letter Grade Explanations document in Informative Documents folder for more information on grades entered