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Undergraduate Agricultural Water Management Certificate

TTU CASNR Water Management CertificateThe College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources offers an Agricultural Water Management Certificate program that provides courses on efficient and profitable management of water for agricultural purposes, with emphasis on irrigation technologies.

This certificate program is equally available to degree-seeking undergraduates and nondegree-seeking working adults.  All courses take place on campus and require enrolling in the university, even if just for one course.

Required Courses: 9 hours

  • AGSC 4000 - Ag Water Internship (Must be approved by advisor and the Certificate Committee). (Sp, Sum, F)
  • PSS 4325 – Crop Water Management. (Sp)
  • PSS 4340 – Irrigation Management Seminar. (F)

Directed Electives: 6 hours from the following
(some require prerequisites)

  • AAEC 4313 – Natural Resources Economics. (Sp)
  • AGLS 3302 – Theories of Change. (Sum, F)
  • NRM 4314 – Watershed Planning. (Sp, F)
  • PSS 4001 – Problems (To be defined by advisor and approved by Certificate Committee). (Sp, Sum, F)
  • PSS 4316 – Landscape Water Conservation & Ecology. (Sp)
  • PSS 4336 – Soil Physical Properties. (Sp)

Requirements for Minor

  • All prerequisites must be met prior to taking each course.
  • All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C.


Undergraduate Agricultural Water Management Certificate Program Coordinator:

Dr. Sanjit Deb

Associate Professor of Soil Physics

Department of Plant and Soil Science
Texas Tech University
Bayer Plant Science Building, Room 214
2911 15th Street
Mail Stop 42122
Lubbock, TX 79409-2122



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