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Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science

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A degree in Plant and Soil Science lets you turn a love of plants and the environment into a lucrative career. This degree program has an emphasis on environmental qualities and relationships of air, soil, water, and plants along with focus on environmental benefits, proper management practices, and sustainability. Students will investigate ways to improve crop response to environmental conditions, improve efficiency of resource use for crops, reduce use of water resources, evaluate productivity and efficiency of cropping systems, and conserve soil and water for future generations.

With a degree in Plant and Soil Science, students may focus on their desired concentration area including: Crop Science, Horticulture (available online), Horticulture and Turfgrass, Soil and Water, and Viticulture and Enology. The Crop Science concentration focuses students primarily on careers in row crop production and plant response to the environment while the Soil and Water emphasis identifies the physical and chemical properties of our natural resources leading to their best management practices. The Horticulture and Turfgrass Science concentration focuses on production and utilization of horticulture commodities preparing students for careers involving landscape plants, fruits, vegetables, ornamental crops and turfgrass. Students learn about plant production and environmental response in both greenhouse and field environments including golf courses. The Viticulture and Enology concentration prepares a student for vineyard management and wine production careers. Finally, our Local Food and Wine Production concentration allows those interested in the farm to table movement to learn more about sustainable production of fruits and vegetables and basic wine knowledge.

With a foundational degree in Plant and Soil Science, the learning opportunities and career possibilities are endless. Manage golf courses and athletic fields. Own your own nursery. Provide environmental consulting. Develop shade-tolerant strains of grass. Design environmental plantings for urban areas. Manage a commercial orchard, greenhouse, or botanical garden. Design, install and maintain Interiorscapes. Work as a farm manager, crop breeder, or crop insurance agent. Research agents focusing on new techniques, technologies, and resistances in plants. Contact our Communications and Recruiting Coordinator today to learn more!

The PLSS B.S. degree plan is offered with several areas of concentration:



To be eligible for graduation, all undergraduate students majoring in the Department of Plant and Soil Science (PSS) must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in PSS courses.

All undergraduate students will be advised prior to registration


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