Texas Tech University

Jake Michael Gendron

Graduate Research Associate

Email: jake.gendron@ttu.edu

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I began working in Dr. de los Reyes's lab as an undergraduate while completing my senior Honor's Thesis at the University of Maine; where I graduated and received my B.S. in biology in the spring of 2015. There, my work involved the identification of specific expression patterns, inherited by offspring, which contributed towards salinity tolerance in rice seedlings. After graduating, I followed Dr. de los Reyes to Texas Tech where I began working on my M.S. in the department of Plant and Soil Science during the spring of 2016.

      Our current efforts involve the elucidation of rewired genomes that, during recombination, have led to exemplary transgressive phenotypes in the offspring, whose characteristics are beyond what is normally expected to be inherited. Specifically my project, with the help of members of our lab, looks to address how individuals can be tolerant to osmotically-induced dehydration stress, despite neither of the parental backgrounds having any level of tolerance. Together, we hope to reveal network rewiring that has occurred, by looking at the epigenetic mechanisms that have led to transgressive individuals.

Key Skills

Gene expression analysis, protein analysis, wet-based lab work, greenhouse management and critical writing skills.


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