Texas Tech University

Texas Alliance for Water Conservation 2020 Field Day goes virtual

TTU Department of Plant & Soil Science

September 12, 2020

As with many events this year, the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation's annual Field Day has undergone a virtual evolution. Due to COVID-19 limitations, the 2020 TAWC Field Day presentations exist online rather than in Muncy, Texas. While the traditionally in-person delivery of the annual TAWC Field Day is missed, the move online means that the presentations can be seen whenever and wherever participants choose.

The presentations cover a range of topics including efficient water use, updates on the current state of cotton, and the weather outlook. Department of Plant and Soil Science experts Chuck West and Veronica Acosta-Martinez joined with New Mexico State University's Rajan Ghimire to prepare a presentation titled "Soil Health Benefits of Cover Crops and Forage Systems," which was presented by Acosta-Martinez.

See the full CASNR NewsCenter story on the transition, and check out the 2020 TAWC Virtual Field Day on the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation website.