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Chuck West named TTU Integrated Scholar

State of Texas and Texas Tech University

October 29, 2020

Dr. Chuck West has been named one of Texas Tech University's Integrated Scholars for 2020.

The award recognizes faculty members who are dedicated to bringing research, teaching, and service together in their work. For West, this holistic approach informs how he presents research to his students and engages with industry.

His research focuses on improving grasslands in support of livestock production, and the integration of research and outreach into his teaching is one method West uses to provide foundational context and encourages nuanced, applicable analysis for his students.

West's focus on the real-world applicability of research findings is not only for the benefit of his students, but also infused in the outreach and engagement work he does as administrative director of the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation (TAWC), a demonstration and educational program for the agricultural community in the South Plains area.

Integrated Scholars are nominated by members of the Texas Tech community and selected by the Office of the Provost.

You can see West's interview and the full list of TTU Integrated Scholars on the award's website.