Texas Tech University

Impa Somayanda Muthappa joins Department of Plant & Soil Science

Norman Martin

April 18, 2022

Impa Somayanda Muthappa, an expert in crop physiology, has been named a Research Assistant Professor within Texas Tech University's Department of Plant & Soil Science, according to officials within the Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources. She officially steps into her new research post on Apr. 15.

Muthappa indicated that her research program broadly focuses on enhancing yield potential and abiotic stress resilience in grain and forage sorghum. One of her primary goals at Texas Tech is to help develop novel physiological and biochemical tools and methods to enhance quality and productivity of grain sorghum. In addition, her program will explore opportunities to improve the nutritional quality of forage sorghum and millet.

Prior to joining the Texas Tech faculty, Muthappa served as research manager and research associate at Kansas State University. She also worked as a project scientist in micronutrient and heavy metal uptake in the Soil Science, Crop & Environmental Sciences Division of the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines.

Muthappa served as a Visiting Research Fellow in the ETH Department of Environmental Systems Science in Zurich, Switzerland. Her master's degree and doctorate in crop physiology are from the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore, India.


This story was first published in the Davis College NewsCenter. See the original article here.