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Research Round-Up: Davis College announces research awards for July

Norman Martin

August 14, 2023

Texas Tech's Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources provides an array of high-quality expertise to support an ongoing research mission. Today, college officials announce the launch of a monthly research round-up, reflecting research grants awarded the previous month. Davis College researchers were awarded a total of $2.4 million in awards during the month of July 2023.

“The number and size of the awards we saw in July reflected the hard work and dedication of our researchers,” said Darren Hudson, Davis College Interim associate Dean for Research and the Larry Combest Endowed Chair for Agricultural Competitiveness in the Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics. “Our research has national and international impact and that has led to important research grants that will continue to enhance our research effectiveness.”

Major Awards: 

  • “Developing Data-Driven Marketing Incentives for Sustainable Cotton Production throughout the Supply Chain” (USDA-NIFA, $650,000) Laura Fisher, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education & Communications; Donna Mitchell McCallister, Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics; and Syed Badrudozza, Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics
  • “Implications of Mergers and Concentrations for Food Industries” (USDA-NIFA, $653,000) Stephen Devadoss, Professor & Emabeth Thompson Endowed Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics
  • “Conservation of Natural and Sustainable Environmental Resources and Verified Engagement” (National Sorghum Producers, $1 Million) Krishna Jagadish, Thornton Distinguished Chair & Professor of Forage & Crop Science, Plant & Soil Science

Other Awards:

  • AFS: Kristin Hales, Associate Professor & Thorton Distinguished Chair, Animal & Food Sciences
  • AAEC: Donna Mitchell McCallister, Assistant Professor, Agricultural & Applied Economics
  • PSS: Glen Ritchie, Chair & Professor, Plant & Soil Science; Krishna Jagadish, Thornton Distinguished Chair, Plant & Soil Science; Impa Somayanda, Research Assistant Professor, Plant & Soil Science; and Joey Young, Associate Professor, Plant & Soil Science


This story was first published in the Davis College NewsCenter. See the original article here.