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Davis College Graduate Research Poster Contest set to launch Sept. 28

Norman Martin

September 27, 2023

Texas Tech University's Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources is ready to roll out its annual Graduate Student Research Poster Competition from noon to 5 p.m. on Thursday (Sept. 28). The program presentations will be located at the Texas Tech Dairy Barn.

“The breadth of research presented at the poster competition is a testament to the integrated, trans-disciplinary scope of research in Davis College,” said Darren Hudson, Davis College Interim Associate Dean for Research. “The students are heavily contributing to the solving of important problems to agriculture, resources, and landscapes.”

“The poster competition is a great way for students to gain experience presenting research results in an accessible way to the public, interact and network with other future professionals in their fields, and gain excellent perspective on research that is occurring outside of their more narrow research programs in which they are currently participating,” he said. “We believe this adds tremendous value to their experience as a student as well as showcases some of the cutting-edge research in Davis College.”

Participants will be demonstrating their engagement in high-quality research with an ability to present the research professionally and effectively to a non-specialized audience. The judges will include area USDA experts, along with Texas Tech faculty, post-doctoral candidates and upper-level graduate students from a variety of agricultural backgrounds. The presentation of winners will be at 5:30 p.m. at the Dairy Barn Loft. 

Monica Hightower, Davis College's Lead Grant Writer, added that scholarships will be awarded to the top three student posters in five categories. Sandra Addo, Davis College's Program Manager for Graduate Student Recruitment, provided a list of Davis College graduate students scheduled to present. They are:

Crop and Livestock Production and Health & Companion Animals

Alexander Rodriguez: The Effect of Elevated Carbon Dioxide on The Physiological Development of Sorghum Bicolor Seedlings

Alexandra Tegeler: Characterization of the Adipose Tissue Extra Cellula Rmatrix in Beef Cattle

Alondra Cruz: Comparative Assessment of Summer-Annuals as Alternative Forage Option Sunder Water and Nutrient Limited Environments

Ashlee Hanratty: Random Metaphylaxis Effects on Health Outcomes, Complete Blood Count, Antimicrobial Use, And Growth Performance in High-Risk Beef Steers

Bridger Sparks: Targeted Lipidomics Revealsdepot-Specific Effects of Subclinical Ketosis in Adiposetissue Oxylipid Profile of Dairy Cows

Connor Kern: Effects of Cottonseed Meal Supplementation on Heifer Performance and Forage Utilization Grazing Late Season Summer Forage

Dalton Line: The Effects of a Bacillussubtilis Pb6, Encapsulated Butyric Acid with Zinc, And Red Clover on The Formation of Liver Abscesses in Beef × Dairy Crossbred Steers

Diego Aviles: Evaluating Grazing Potential and Phytochemical Content of Alternative Warm-Season Annual Forage Crops

James Okon: Transcriptomic Insights into Liver Abscesses in Beef Cattle: A GI Tissue Perspective

Leonidas Dagostino: Illuminating the Black Box of Silica Cell Development in Soybean Through Single Nuclei Rnaseq

Matteo Tosoni: Streamlining Lipid Dropletanalysis: Nile Red Staining Forchlamydomonas Reinhardtii

Mayank Bangari: “Darling” - A Novel Phenotypingtool to Unravel Sorghum Stem Mechanical Resilience to Lodging Under Different Water Regimes

Mollie Green: Single-Nuclei Transcriptome of Subcutaneous and Intramuscular Adipose Tissues in Beef Cattle Reveals Depot-Specific Cellular Heterogeneity

Sam Barker: Ante-Mortem Stress Effects the Oxidative Products and Color Stability of Steaks Following Retail Display

Economic & Social Systems, Communications & Education

Alexandra Salinas: Expectations Vs. Realities: An Examination of Statedworkforce Development Skills in The Agricultural Industry

Breely Huguley & Kylie Kitten: Measuring Cattle Producers' Values for Effective Values-Based Communication About Encouraging Adoption of Sustainable Practices

Kylie Kitten: Exploring Generational Perceptions Toward Sustainable Agricultural Foods & Products

Brenda Mamani Escobar: Social and Economic Sustainability in Coffee Production In El Salvador And Honduras

Brooke Vyvlecka: Examining Adult Consumers' thoughts After Viewing Beef Nutrition Influencer Messages on Social Media

D'arcy Ryder: A Qualitative Content Analysis of News Coverage About Meat and Livestock Australia's Carbon Neutral 2030 Initiative

Fariha Rashid: Assessment of Park Performance with A Particular Focus on Their Spatial Attributes in The Context of The Neighborhoods of Uttara, Dhaka

Gilbert Odilla: Comparative Analysis of Agriculture Student Teachers' Perception of Teaching Practice Assessment: A Cross-Cultural Study of Kenya and the USA

Ginger Orton: A Deep Divide: Differences in Rural and Urban Americans' Trust of Scientists

Joshue Elias Lewis Mite: Did You Listen to It? The Evaluation of Podcasts as A Learning Tool in Agricultural Communications

Kalyani Shrestha: How Dietary Diversity Changes with Climate Variables: A Global Study

Kameron Rinehart: Leadership Goes to Hollywood: Educational Approaches Utilizing Public Pedagogy to Understand Student Perspectives & Cognition

Kindle Catching: Breaking Down Barriers: Examining the Benefits and Barriers Toward Adopting Sustainable Production Practices Among United States Cattle Producer

Kristine Schechinger: Swine Farmer Perceptions and Recommendations of Animal Welfare Communication

Krysti Kelley: An Analysis of Time Allocation of Student Teachers in Each Circle of The Three-Circle Model of Agricultural Education

Oluwaseun Oduniyi: Demonstrate the Impact of Producer Organization on Market Accessibility. Insight From Subsistence-Based Maize Farmers in South Africa

Onyedikachi Chike: The Effects of Medicaid Expansion on Mortality

Rylie Lux: What's The Beef? Strategies Cattlemen's Organizations Currently Use to Communicate Animal Science and Livestock Production to Policymakers in The United States

Sahel Azizkhani Shadisheh: Contingent Economic Valuation of Green Urban Landscape

Shayne White: Exploring Graduate Students' Experiences in A College of Agriculture

SY Andalib: Co-Designing an XR-Application Through Agile Process: Towards an Adaptive Development Pipeline for Landscape Learning

Trevor Johnson: The Impact of The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in Maryland: An Application of The Synthetic Control Method

Arjun Ojha: Shoot at Site: An Improved Method for Inducing De Novo Shoots Without Tissue Culture

Food Products, Safety, Security & Nutrition

FNU Pallavi: Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of Sugarcane Aphid Resistance in Sorghum

Grace Akumu: Survival and Growth of Salmonella Enteriditis, and Escherichia Coli O157:H7 In Alfalfa and Mung Beansprouts

Julia Shamshina: Economically Feasible Methods of Production of Chitin Nanomaterials

Mohammad Rezoanul Hoque: Quantifying the Impact Of global Supply Chain Shock on Food Security Patterns: Insights from A Structural General Equilibrium Trade Model Using GTAP Framework

Nadira Espinoza Rock: Biomapping of Microbial Indicators Using a Mobile Testing Methodology To Assess Agricultural Water System Contamination In A Latin American Farm And Packinghouse

Reagan Jimenez: Mitigation of Salmonella in Ground Pork Products Through Gland Removal in Pork Trimmings

Turna Basak: Studying the Effects of Microarchitecture on Chitin Cell Culture Matrices For 3D tissue Engineering

Zach McDaniel: Liver Abscesses in Cattle: Development of An Experimental Model and Evaluation of Dietary Neutral Detergent Fiber from Roughage and Starch Availability on Prevalence

Landscapes & Wildlife

Angela Grogan: The Prion Protein Gene (PRNP) In Pronghorn: Are They Susceptible To CWD?

Angela Patrick: The Prion Protein Gene in Pronghorn: Are They Susceptible To CWD?

Harshita Sharma: First Documentation of Endofungal Bacteria in Orchid Mycorrhizal Fungi and Endofungal Associates of a Temperate Terrestrial Orchid

Katherine Pearson: A Comparative Analysis of White-Tailed Deer Supplementation Regimes for The Southern Cross Timbers and Prairies Region of Texas

Moyin Akinbobola: Residential Landscape Design: Impact of Greenery in Ikorodu Suburb Areas, Nigeria

Nazia Afrin Trina: Learning While Gardening: Childcare Garden Intervention Strategy to Increase Fruit and Vegetable (FV) Eating Preferences And (FV) Knowledge Among Preschool Children

Raini Labay: Bee Demographics Within a Remnant Prairie Site in The Texas High Plains

Sadie Roth: Constructed Sonoran Desert Wildlife Waters Do Not Support Amphibian Breeding During Drought

Shaelyn Rainey: Effects of Digestion on Germination of Native Grasses of The Southern Great Plains

Umme Haque: Re-Imagining Art, Literature, Andmusic Area in A Playground for Children Below 3 A Vision for The TTU Center For Early Head Start (CEHS) Courtyard Space

Arjun Kafle: Soil Water Extraction Pattern and Water Use Efficiency of Cucumber in Response to Deficit Irrigation and Biochar Amendment In West Texas

Fariha Tasnim: Enhancing Water Quality and Park Amenities: Impacts on Neighboring Households and Communities in Lubbock

Water Conservation & Science

Micayla Lamb: Optimizing Cotton's Root System Architecture to Improve Adaptive Response to Water-Deficit Stress

Owen George: Assessing the Top-Down and Bottom-Up Effects of Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta) On the Secondary Production of Sensitive Fish Species

Preetaman Bajwa: Impact of Planting Dates and Seeding Densities on Soil Water Depletion, And Water Productivity of Industrial Hemp in West Texas

Raavi Arora: Influence of Legume Inclusion on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Pasture Systems In The Southern High Plains Of Texas


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