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Research Round-Up: Davis College announces research awards for August

Norman Martin

September 14, 2023

Texas Tech's Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources provides an array of high-quality expertise to support an ongoing research mission. Today, college officials continue to post their monthly research round-up, reflecting research grants awarded the previous month. Davis College researchers were awarded a total of $3.4 million in awards during the month of August 2023. 

“August was a very successful month for research awards in Davis College. These awards represent the hard work and dedication of Davis College faculty and staff,” said Darren Hudson, Davis College Interim Associate Dean for Research, and the Larry Combest Endowed Chair for Agricultural Competitiveness in the Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics. The 2023 awards represent a 22 percent increase relative to August of 2022.

Major Awards:

“Capacity Building for AI-driven Research and Education on UAS Applications in Precision Agriculture” (USDA-NIFA, $675,000) Wenxuan Guo, Plant & Soil Science and Chenggang Wang, Agricultural & Applied Economics

“Analysis of Farm and Food Policy” (USDA-Office of the Chief Economist, $250,000) Darren Hudson, Agricultural & Applied Economics

“Identifying Key Alleles for Improving Sorghum Grain Nutrition” (USDA Agricultural Research Service, $225,000) Yinping Jiao, Plant & Soil Science

Other Awards:

AEC: Courtney Gibson and Rudy Ritz, Agricultural Education & Communications

AAEC: Donna McCallister and Phillip Johnson, Agricultural & Applied Economics

AFS: Alejandro Echeverry, Mark Miller, Kristin Hales-Paxton, Nathan Hall, Edger Aviles-Rosa, Dale Woerner, Jerrad Legako, Angela Shaw, Jhones Saturi, John McGlone, Marcos Sanchez, Mindy Brashears, Animal & Food Sciences

NRM: Kerry Griffis-Kyle, Warren Conway and Gad Perry, Natural Resources Management

PSS: Eric Hequet, Abu Sayeed, Chris Turner, Benildo de los Reyes, Haydee Laza, Krishna Jagadish, Daniel Hirmas, Demar Lopez-Arredondo, Plant & Soil Science

VS: Michael Ballou, Vinicius Machado and Michael Galyean, Veterinary Sciences


This story was first published in the Davis College NewsCenter. See the original article here.