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Research Round-Up: Davis College announces grant awards for Sept.

Norman Martin

October 18, 2023

Texas Tech's Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources provides an array of high-quality expertise to support an ongoing research mission. Today, college officials continue to post their monthly research round-up, reflecting research grants awarded the previous month. Davis College researchers were awarded a total of $1.2 million in awards during the month of September 2023. 

“Our research has national and international impact and that has led to important research grants that will continue to enhance our research effectiveness,” said Darren Hudson, Davis College Interim associate Dean for Research and the Larry Combest Endowed Chair for Agricultural Competitiveness in the Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics. “These awards represent the hard work and dedication of Davis College faculty and staff.”

Major Award(s): 

“Developing industrial hemp fiber standards” (USDA Agricultural Research Service, $704,000) Noureddine Abidi, Leidigh Professor in the Department of Plant & Soil Science and Director of the university's Fiber & Biopolymer Research Institute.

Other Awards: 

  • AEC: Laura Fisher, Agricultural Education & Communications
  • AAEC: Sukant Misra, Agricultural & Applied Economics
  • AAEC: Darren Hudson, Agricultural & Applied Economics
  • AAEC: Donna McCallister, Agricultural & Applied Economics
  • AFS: Jerrad Legako, Animal & Food Sciences
  • AFS: Dale Woerner, Animal & Food Sciences
  • FBRI: Zhen Zang, Plant & Soil Science
  • IGCAST: Vikas Devkar, Plant & Soil Science
  • IGCAST: Gunvant Patil, Plant & Soil Science
  • PSS: Haydee Laza, Plant & Soil Science
  • PSS: Glen Ritchie, Plant & Soil Science
  • PSS: Mark Burow, Plant & Soil Science
  • NRM: Reynaldo Patino, Natural Resources Management
  • NRM: Jane Rogosch, Natural Resources Management
  • VS: Michael Ballou, Veterinary Sciences


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