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PSS Research Symposium spotlights outstanding scientific work

Norman Martin

April 24, 2024

Texas Tech University's Department of Plant & Soil Science launched its 2024 Student Research Symposium this month, featuring more than two dozen oral presentations and posters from both undergraduate and graduate research scholars. The academic unit's annual program was held Tuesday (Apr. 23) in the Dairy Barn.

“This annual symposium provides an invaluable opportunity for students at all stages of their programs to present their research and receive feedback from peers, faculty, staff, and external experts,” said Lindsey Slaughter, Symposium Coordinator and an Associate Professor of Soil Microbial Ecology/Biochemistry within the Department of Plant & Soil Science. “It is particularly beneficial to graduate and undergraduate PSS students or collaborators who are conducting research and are planning to present their work at major conferences.”

Graduate Poster Finalists

1st Place: Avinash Shrestha (Ph.D.-Plant Genetics, Breeding, & Biotechnology) Effect of Segregation Distortion on Genetic Map Construction

2nd Place: Arjun Kafle (Ph.D.-Horticulture & Soil Science) Assessing the Effects of Hardwood Biochar Application on Soil Physical, Chemical and Biological Parameters in West Texas

3rd Place: Amir Shahin Shamsabadi (Ph.D.-Fiber & Biopolymer Science) Effect of Liquid and Supercritical Fluid CO2 on the Dissolution of Cotton Liners

Oral Presentation Finalists

1st Place: Harshita Sharma (MS-Plant Ecology & Soil Science) First Evidence of the Presence of Endofungal Bacteria in Orchid Mycorrhizal Fungi

2nd Place: Leo D'Agostino (Ph.D.-Plant Molecular Genetics) Symphony of Symbiosis: A Single-Cell Transcriptomic Exploration of Soybean-Microbe Interactions

3rd Place: Mayank Bangari (Ph.D.-Crop Science) Develop a Deep Learning Tool to Assess Sink Capacity in Grain Sorghum

Undergraduate Poster Finalists

1st Place: Ezra Alcarez (BS-Agronomy) & Jacob Jones (West Texas College-Snyder, Texas) Effects on Nutrient Availability in Soils Impacted by Swine Wastewater Under the Use of Hydrotalcite as a Soil Amendment in Different Environmental Conditions

"This annual symposium provides an invaluable opportunity for students at all stages of their programs to present their research and receive feedback from peers, faculty, staff, and external experts."


Other Department of Plant & Soil Science students participating in the symposium included:

Oral Presentations

Rupak Karn (Ph.D.-Crop Science) Cotton yield and Fiber Quality Responses to Nitrogen Rates, Soil Physicochemical Properties, and Topography

Jasleen Makkar (MS-Crop Science) Effect of Different Herbicides on Soil Health in the Cotton Production System

Matteo Tosoni (Ph.D.-Crop Science) Transcriptomic Profiling of a Hatching Defective Mutant of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Pallavi FNU (Ph.D.-Plant Molecular Genetics) Impact of the Knockout of Amylose Synthesis on Grain Quality in Sorghum: A Step Towards Comprehensive Understanding

Susmita Saha (MS-Cotton Fiber Quality) Investigation of Cotton Fiber-to-Fiber Friction

Sandesh Bhatta (Ph.D.-Soil Science) Effect of Different Biosolid-Based Fertilizers on Selected Soil Chemical Properties and Growth of Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Alondra Cruz (Ph.D.-Forage Research) Grazing Potential of Prussic Acid Free (PaF) Forage Sorghum and Pearl Millet Under Dryland and Irrigated Conditions

Poster Session

Diego Arcelay Sanchez (MS-Soil Science) Irrigation Management Effects Soil C Accumulation Under Long Term Compost Application in Semi-Arid Systems

Preetaman Bajwa (MS-Agronomy) Effect of Early and Late Post Emergence Herbicides on Weed Suppression, Crop Injury, and Biomass Yield of Industrial Hemp

Noelia Curbelo-López (MS-Soil Science) Soil Respiration Response to Moisture and Manure Addition with N Stabilizer

Lee Fischel (MS-Agriculture Sciences) Impact of Cover Crops, Tillage, and Cotton-Sorghum Rotation on Soil Water Dynamics: Challenges and Opportunities

Yusa Ichinose (MS-Forage Research) Addressing Pre-harvest Sprouting in Grain Sorghum by Integrating Seed Physiology and Genetics

Jasleen Makkar (MS-Crop Science) Impact of irrigation levels on Herbicide Activity in the Cotton Production System

Lakshmi Venkat Sai & Ram Nagalla (MS -Plant-Microbe Interactions) Elucidating the Role of Flavonoid Biosynthesis Molecules in Symbiotic Microbe Interaction

Oluwatola Adedeji (Ph.D.-Precision Agriculture) Assessing Precision Irrigation Management using Satellite Remote Sensing

Zelalem Alemar (Ph.D.-Crop Science) Effect of Planting Date on Cotton Seedling Emergence, Yield and Fiber Quality

Claudio Barrera Duarte (Ph.D.-Genetic Regulation) Exploring Gene Regulation of Triacylglycerol Accumulation in Chlorella sorokiniana Under Nitrogen and Phosphorus Deprivation

Rupak Karn (Ph.D.-Crop Science) Dynamic Estimation of Cotton Nitrogen Content Through Deep Learning with Unmanned Aerial Systems and Satellite Images

Dario Rueda Kunz (Ph.D.-Horticulture) Exploring the Impact of Aeroponic Nozzle Type on Carrot Growth and Root Architecture

Micayla Lamb (Ph.D.-Crop Science) Optimizing Cotton's Root System Architecture to Improve Adaptive Response to Water-Deficit Stress

Xinying Ling (Ph.D.-Soil Science) Coupled Water and Energy Transport in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum Under a Semi-Arid Climate of West Texas

Zhiyuan Liu (Ph.D.-Plant Molecular Genetics) Characterization of hs1 as a Key Regulator of Heat and Drought Tolerance in Sorghum


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