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Research Highlight: Glen Ritchie

Research Focus

Dr. Glen Ritchie's research focus is studying the effects and management of water deficit in cotton and sorghum production. Ritchie works to develop efficient irrigation methods and determine the effects of irrigation timing and quantity on plant growth, phenology, yield, and quality. His stated goal is to conduct research that will be applicable at the grower level.

Importance of Graduate Students

Dr. Ritchie's graduate students work on their own projects, as well as in teams on other student projects and general research. Ritchie says, "Students and their contributions are integral to a healthy research program. My goal is to help my students develop the skills that will help them be successful in plant science research. I find that teamwork, research design, critical thinking, and creativity are valued, regardless of what field my students eventually settle in. "

Research Future

Hot topics for the future include winter crop management, cultivar selection and testing, automated screening for stress and productivity, and crop water budgets. Dr. Ritchie continues to test agronomic factors that may affect water use efficiency and crop viability within the Texas Southern High Plains environment.

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Glen Ritchie, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Crop Physiology and Chair


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