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Master of Science in Horticulture at a Distance

master of science in horticulture distance

The Master of Science in Horticulture at a distance degree program is designed specifically to meet the needs of today's working professional. Horticulture is the application of basic scientific information to the growing and use of edible (fruits, nuts, and vegetables) and ornamental plants (annual and perennial flowers and woody plants). Today's horticulture students focus on the challenges and practices of genetics and breeding, propagation, biotechnology, production, management, handling and storage, marketing, and use of horticultural plants.

This non-thesis degree program requires a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate coursework and is considered a terminal degree. A maximum of six hours of coursework from another institution may be evaluated for transfer to Texas Tech University. Students must take the last 6 semester credit through Texas Tech University. An oral exam is required during the graduating semester.

Consider the benefits of Texas Tech University's Master of Science in Horticulture Degree @ a distance!
  • Educational goals can be pursued without sacrificing personal or professional commitments.
  • Student support services are designed to meet the needs of distance learning students.


Degree Plan Requirements
PSS 5001 Problems in Plant and Soil Science
PSS 5231 Applied Geostatistics
PSS 5307 Pesticides
PSS 5316 Advanced Arboriculture
PSS 5317 Advanced Nursery Management
PSS 5319 Advanced Interiorscaping
PSS 5324 Mode & Mechanism of Herbicide Action
PSS 5326 Advanced Seed Science
PSS 5331 Soil Fertility and Fertilizers
PSS 5334 Soils and Crops in Arid Lands
PSS 5335 Soil Physics
PSS 5415 Advanced Greenhouse Crop Production
PSS 5429 Advanced Principles of Weed Science
PSS 6001 Selected Topics in Plant and Soil Science
PSS 6301 Quantitative Agricultural Remote Sensing
PSS 6331 Advanced Environmental Soil Science

The following courses will be available at a distance, although not all courses will be offered every semester. All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C.



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For more graduate student resources: PSS Student Dashboard.




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