Texas Tech University

2018-2019 Chancellor's Council Distinguished Teach & Research Awards

The 2018-2019 Distinguished Research Award Recipients Are:

  • Andrew Littlefield, Ph.D.
    Andrew Littlefield is an Assistant Professor and Co-Director for Clinical Program in the Psychological Sciences Department in the College of Arts & Sciences at Texas Tech University. His research encompasses broad topics of psychopathology, substance use behaviors, addiction processes, personality, genetics, quantitative methodology, development, and suicidality. Specifically, his research include alcohol use disorders, personality maturation, impulsigenic traits, drinking motives, latent variable modeling, advanced methods for prospective data, alcohol biomarkers, and granular assessments of suicide risk.
  • Tracy Pearl, J.D.
    Professor Pearl is a nationally recognized scholar on emerging technology and the law. She researches and writes about risk, regulation, and tort law in the areas of driverless vehicles, the Internet of Things, and other new forms of technology. Her scholarship also explores whether and how procedural rules impact due process and how courts treat novel societal issues.

    While at Texas Tech, Professor Pearl has been the recipient of the Chancellor's Council Distinguished Research Award and the Spencer A. Wells Award for Creativity in Teaching. She was also selected as one of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce's 2017 Twenty Under Forty award winners. Prior to arriving at Texas Tech, Professor Pearl was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Florida International University College of Law where she was the 2013-14 Professor of the Year as well as the 2013-14 Pioneer Award winner. Professor Pearl has been invited to present her work at conferences at Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Sorbonne, among other universities.

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