Texas Tech University

Institutional Laboratory Safety Committee


The Committee reports to the Vice President for Research and Innovation on matters related to the use of chemicals and physical hazards that may be hazardous in the research, studios and educational activities of Texas Tech University. Hazardous chemicals are defined as substances which are potential physical or health hazards by exhibiting harmful characteristics such as toxicity, reactivity or flammability. Specific charges to the Committee include the following:

  • To recommend to the Vice President for Research and Innovation policies and procedures to ensure Texas Tech University's compliance with all federal, state and local statutes, regulations, procedures and principles relating to the purchase, storage, use and disposal of hazardous chemicals used in Texas Tech University's research, studio and educational programs.
  • To certify investigators, their laboratories and their programs for work with energetic materials.
  • To produce and update the University Chemical Hygiene Plan and oversee its implementation in the research and teaching work areas  of Texas Tech University.
  • To review and recommend to Environmental Health & Safety the need for general and specific training programs for research, studio and teaching activities dealing with hazardous chemicals, and to review the appropriateness and effectiveness of such training programs.

Committee Composition


Designated by the Vice President of Research on recommendation from the Assistant Vice President of Environmental Health & Safety from the membership.


The term of membership for full members is staggered three-year terms with one term expiring each year. The membership shall include at least:

  • A minimum of three (3) faculty members active or knowledgeable in the use of chemical reagents
  • A minimum of one (1) faculty member active or knowledgeable in the use of energetic materials
  • A minimum of two (2) faculty members who are non-users of chemical or energetic materials
  • A minimum of one staff member knowledgeable in the use of chemical and/or energetic materials
  • A member of the local regulatory community

Ex officio (without vote) members include the Associate Vice President for Research (Research Integrity), Assistant Vice President of Environmental Health & Safety, Laboratory Safety Section Manager and other faculty members who may offer valuable insight based on expertise.

2019-20 Membership Roster


Dr. Dimitri Pappas, Faculty, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Terms Expire August 31, 2020

Ms. Andrea Krieg, Staff - Animal & Food Sciences

Dr. Ruth Serra-Moreno, Faculty - Biology

Dr. Brenda Rodgers, Faculty - Biology

Mr. Gary Henniger - Community Member, Bayer Crop Science

Terms Expire August 31, 2021

Mr. Von Venhuizen - Faculty, Art

Mr. Jared Roberts - Staff, Theater and Dance

Dr. Callum Hetherington - Faculty, Geosciences

Dr. Gordon Christopher – Faculty, Mechanical Engineering

Terms Expire August 31, 2022

Dr. Dominick Casadonte, Faculty, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Michael Findlater, Faculty, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Chijuan Hu, Faculty, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Jacalyn McComb, Faculty, Kinesiology & Sport Management

Dr. Ernest Smith, Faculty, Environmental Toxicology

Ms. LaQuetta Purkiss, Staff, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mr. Shane Scoggin, Staff, Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Brandon Weeks, Faculty, Chemical Engineering

Chemical Safety Specialist

Mr. Jared Martin - University Chemical Hygiene Officer,  Environmental Health & Safety

Ex Officio Members

Mr. William Wells, Managing Director of the Office of Export and Security Compliance
Dr. Alice Young, Faculty, Associate Vice President for Research
Mr. Matt Roe, Assistant Vice President for Environmental Health & Safety

Meeting Frequency

Monthly. For the date and time of the next scheduled meeting, please contact Environmental Health & Safety.