Texas Tech University

Safe Science Sessions

Safe-Science Sessions are safety seminars tailored to a department or research group's research focus. Sessions are typically one to two hours depending on the requesting individual. Hands-on activities are always included such as proper glove removal demonstrations and spill clean up exercises. 

We understand that individuals working in the lab may have difficulty remembering all the safety rules so we encourage regular seminars to help faculty, staff and students be proactive when it comes to safety.

Spill clean up excerciseSpill clean up excercisematerials for demonstrationsSpill clean up exercise set upProper glove removal participantsProper glove removal participantsProper glove removal participantsProper glove removal participantsSpill clean up exercise using pig pads

 Sessions are always tailored to the needs of the audience. We bring giveaways, information folders and/or handouts and make the session as interactive as possible for the attendees. Remember, safe is smart!

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